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People ask me if I take my job seriously. And to those people I retort.



My name is Ross Le. And I am a lightweight materials aviation engineer.




of course that’s what happened.

i’m a manchester united boy through and through. my dad’s a fan. and i’m a fan now. i’m not one of those bandwagon whore’s who jumped on after the 1999 treble. it’s something i have with my dad.

and english premier league football is hard to find here in the US. tv rights are hard to come by. i’ve driven to santa monica from k-town at 5am. i’ve left classes early to catch the game. i’ve left parties to get to a bar on time. all so i could watch the game. i never miss them. one way or another… i’ll get to the right place at kick off.

so when i finally purchased a single channel plan on my computer which allows me to see every game LIVE from my computer/phone/ipad, etc… i was over the fucking moon. I FINALLY PAID FOR FOOTBALL! FUCK WIN!

this was last tuesday.

for those of you not versed in the recent happenings of football. manchester united; the biggest, the proudest, and best team on the planet (no bias there) were bundled out of the champions league by basel. a swiss team with the collective talent of a broken garden gnome, thereby taking away HALF of the value of my new football channel subscription. losing at this stage of the tournament hasn’t happened since 05.

yeah. of course.


make sure you’re honest with yourself. then get what needs to be done… done.

say a lie long enough, and chances are you’ll start to believe it. that’s the brilliant and most terrible thing about the human mind. unfortunately, the heart is not quite so brilliant. it says one thing. over and over again. and it’s like a kid who doesn’t understand it’s not going to get what it wants.

we tell ourselves lies for millions of reasons. more so than we do to other people (even then we’re probably just telling them to further reinforce what we’re trying to tell ourselves).

more often than not, when our heart says we want something “i want to be an actor”… this is the point where we are most honest with ourselves. then… comes the mind. this clever fellow comes along and filters what we’ve learned in life, what we’ve experienced and seen, and have been taught… and spits out something different. “acting is really tough and far away, your family and friends will miss you, and besides, coca cola is paying you pretty well to stay right here in sydney”.

now, when these two guys start arguing, it can make you sick. they will never let up. ever. “this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.” joker was on to something.

of course… going with your heart is going to piss you off. the pissed off feeling is going against your mind. whether you do that to yourself, or you sit there disagreeing, there’s going to be a fear ceiling that comes in the form of anger, rejection, “turning off”, etc. but chances are there’s going to be that voice in your heart that’s a whisper of truth. there’s power there. you’re responsible for your life. no one else.

so ask yourself. are you happy on the couch? are you happy in your school or job? are you happy in your relationship? what do you want to do? where do you want to be? how do i get there?

and get moving. period.



my name is ross. i can not help you.

yeah im not going to lie to you. i talk to hundreds of people every week. and most of them are completely screwed. not even counting the people on weekends having emergencies with broken teeth, infections, etc.

take this guy. i was talking to a guy from tennessee. recently unemployed, 56 years old, had an abscess on his tooth. he has no insurance, has medicaid (which no one really accepts, and if they do it doesn’t cover anything), and three other teeth have cavities (because he hasn’t seen the dentist in seven years because of the cost). so he finally makes the call to me because he cant bear the pain anymore. and i refer him to a dentist office. naturally everyone wants a “cheap dentist” but that’s like walking into a hospital saying i want “cheap surgery for this gunshot wound”. too bad buddy, we’re gonna do what needs to be done, and it’s going to cost you.

seriously, the only difference is that the tooth infection/pain/gum disease, etc will kill you SLOWER, and as such you can probably make it OUT of the place alive. just.

the dentist gets on the phone with this guy, and tells him he can see him thursday (it’s monday). that’s as soon as i can get him in. for the initial visit, it’s $110 dollars. that’s just to get in the office for the xray and check up. but he’s going to need a prescription for pain medication and antibiotics because they can’t do anything with an infected tooth. $60 dollars. they may need a panoramic xray because it’s a molar in the back. $95 dollars.

that’s $265 and the sonofabitch hasn’t even been given a diagnosis yet. THEN, the dentist says that after the antibiotics takes care of the infection, to came back in on monday for the diagnosis. chances are it’s going to be a removed tooth (thank god, because a root canal, or trying to save the tooth could be upwards of 900 dollars). boy oh boy, good news sir! pulling the tooth is only going to be $310 dollars. what a bargain! but if it’s chipped and broken, we may need to refer you to a fucking SURGEON! and guess what pal? $$$$

he’s 56. now unemployed. in constant pain. and i have the audacity to tell him it’s going to cost him $265 for some dentist to tell him “yup, you’re in pain”. and then have him charge $310 dollars to pull it out?

home depot has pliers for $8.99.

you think i’m kidding or exaggerating? this isn’t even the worst story. i hear this every. day.


charlie sheen is not chuck norris. nor is he the old spice guy.

that whole thing about taking an idea, and making it better is old. it’s as old as humanity itself. without the constant desire to progress and evolve, we’d still be stuck in the stone ages using stones and rocks, which never advanced into steel tools. i guess though, this need for progress came out of the united needs of humanity.

when the principle is applied then to the egotisitcal warpath of an actor trying to heal the wounds of being fired (something he, and many others thought to be an impossibility) you get a luke warm, 15 minutes of fame with a celebrity, sprinkled with bits of “wtf” and it’s not quite as good as stuff i’ve seen before.

because that’s what it is isn’t it? how can charlie sheen be so desperate to prove something to people? i guess in an industry like hollywood, it can be easy to be swept up in what you’re presented with. here is a talented actor, who became a star, and who’s money, and no doubt legions of “yes” men created a world for him in which he is god. there is an acting exercise in which a person sits in the middle, and those around them make a circle and “empower” that actor as something or someone. they state facts about whatever the person in the middle might be wearing, mannerisms they may be displaying, to reach a congruency with whatever title, or character they are being empowered with. after a while, as the actor in the middle it becomes very easy to become this other… character. this isn’t just an acting exercise, it’s common in real life too. spend enough time with people around you saying you’re god for example, and it’s going to get to your head.

but eventually when some of it starts to slip away, the real person comes back, and it’s not always the most pleasant realisation. charlie sheen has insecurities just like anybody else (just like me… though i don’t have 200 million dollars and a sparkling acting career to go with it), and this is a kneejerk reaction. any attention is good attention. any support is good support, to try and reach back to being a god. there was a video of charlie sheen dancing with his lovely porn star family just a month ago, and when you see the video…

Charlie Sheen dancing with porn stars… WOO!

… it’s just an old fart dancing with some girls half his age. you know when you go out to a club, and there’s a group of gorgeous girls dancing, and one moron with not a chance in hell with any of them, trying to get in on the group… but at the same time has no idea how to interact, or get close with them without being awkward? that’s charlie sheen. but he has 200 million dollars, a career, and a name that anyone looking for 15 minutes of fame could be proud of.

anyway, i got started on this article because i saw the similarities between the videos charlie sheen is releasing, and those viral chuck norris gags, and old spice gags, which i think are brilliant by the way. i think charlie sheen would be a whole lot funnier, if he were doing this for the right reasons… instead of just trying to prove something to someone. because at the moment, the only people he’s fooling is himself… by the way, what the hell is bi-winning?

condescending armchair blogger. out.


my youtube channel…

are you fucken tawkin to me??

i made this myself.

thank you thank you. i’m here all week.


serene branson at the grammy’s.

most people are aware that when questioned about the number one fear of the general population of people is speaking in front of an audience. number two is death.

i’d say having it on youtube is now no.1, shifting death to 3.

you talk about nerves and pressure (i’m told serene had not suffered from a stroke, and was passed medically fine upon checkup at a hospital)… i imagine this is similar to getting stage fright. not only do we have to deal with stage fright (and it’s there for practically anyone to SOME degree), we have to believe in the imaginary circumstances around them, strip away our personal inhibitions, and present to the world, and the people in the imaginary would with us, the truth of the human emotions going on. try telling me acting is easy.

i personally hope she get’s back on the horse. branson is a well known reporter having received two Emmy nominations and the Frank Shakespeare Award for Outstanding Achievement in Journalism.


happy valentines day people…