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something special.

ive been doing some great work on biloxi blues.

im worried about full of thoughts on how its going to go in the final performance tomorrow. then i remind myself that its not for anyone except myself.

i need to trust myself and trust all that ive learned.

do i feel vulnerable yet?



biloxi blues.

this is the play im doing for exam plays second semester. by neil simon, it’s a story about a group of misfits in the army as they go through boot camp as they prepare for world war 2. i play arnold epstein (funnily enough a jewish kid who we’ve also made asian), a thoughtful, allergic-to-everything, physically weak, but strong willed young man who befriends the main character eugene jerome.

im having a lot of fun doing comedy, but that would also be due to our director alex billings. this is the woman who’s completely energised and motivated my work this semester. i believe ive mentioned her a few times. she gives you complete freedom when you work, and encourages you to trust your instincts. i look up to her tremendously. as much as i do ms. bohannon. though there is one very important difference. i dont let her presence distract me. it helps me instead.

i should probably do a little more homework.

i have a few things on my mind.