about me. r.

it’s been sixteen months here in hollywood now… time has flown, and i have grown as an actor. while my learning will never finish, i feel as though i am ready to take on the industry. i post highlights of my work on my youtube channel here:


come support me for the ride. 2011 is building towards something huge. something wonderful. i know because i’m scared out of my mind.

i love acting. in fact, ive acted all my life. first, i acted like a school student. acted like a university student. acted like a salesman. hell, i even acted like an account manager for coke. they bought that hook, line and sinker (to any former colleagues reading this, im just kidding…not). i figured it was time to go to hollywood and take the next natural step. acting to be an aspiring actor. how hard could it be?

im ross, and it’s taken me about six years to get here, to LA. this blog will follow me as i finally give myself something to do that i feel myself is worth my full attention.



One response to “about me. r.”

  1. Krystal says :

    Awesome to see you’ve taken the jump to follow your dreams instead of doing the same old and joining the rat race. Hope your dreams come true! (Although you may struggle with your dream of being taller than me :P)

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