Archive | February 2017

keep it simple.

always a good idea.

id like to write in this a little more; and i think going back to writing about basics, instead of looking for huge topics at a time will help me face less resistance to writing.


chris and giang welcomed baby alex to the world on monday (6/2/2017). he’s got a good tuft of hair on his head, and spends a lot of his time with his eyes closed. when he opens them, it’s an occasion to see. i bet he’s going to be smart.

folks are coming to town for a few weeks on the 16th. it’ll be great to see them. play some golf with dad. let mum clean the house (it makes her happy… the less resistance i put up, the happier she is). have them both try and talk me back home to australia and “do something sensible”… it’ll be a good time. i miss them all the time.

ive enjoyed having different people come into my circle lately. a lot of them have been young actors; i find i gravitate towards them too. i enjoy sharing experiences with them. i remember when i first came to hollywood… i remember how daunting the goal seemed, and how i wish id had someone who couldve guided me. if i can impart information to these guys to help get them started, i find a lot of pleasure in doing so.

dating again. it’s funny living the single life again. i have lots more free time to “me” things. spending lots of time in the gym, eating well, and catching up with different people from different circles. your social skills get sharper when you use them more… i feel less introverted when im single. i don’t know that it’s good or bad, just different. will say though, there are definitely times where i wonder if i prefer having someone.

worked well on an audition i had the other day. learning chinese has already started to pay dividends as my mandarin is getting stronger, and confidence and pronunciation is growing with it.

stitchers is back to filming in march. it couldn’t come at a better time; living the single bellman life in hollywood is fun… but that’s not why im here.