manchester united to sign pogba and win the premier league.

i was watching a video on MUTV where there was a video with results from the galatasaray match. it had interviews of rashford and mourinho, highlights, etc, and as i watched i just had a feeling that we were going to win the premier league this year.

from what i see of rashford, he seems to be an exceptionally talented, grateful, hardworking and honest footballer. i have no doubts this kid will be a superstar so long as he keeps his direction. there is a humility, an openness to the game, and joy to his demeanor and it feels like a recipe for success. mark my words.

as for jose mourinho, he seems very focused on his work. he knows exactly what he needs to do to get his players in top form mentally and physically. he knows how to manage his time, and he knows how to prioritise. jose is out to win this year. and it’s clockwork for him.

there was also a portion of the video discussing juan mata. he’s been talked and talked and talked about with regards to his being close to the exit as a result of mourinho’s selling him back in 2014 from chelsea. and i thought about what that would do to a weak person. they’d give up, sulk, throw excuses etc. but juan mata has performed exceptionally in pre-season and looks focused and driven. and that’s a real indication of the level of professionalism he has. he turns up, makes the difference, does his talking with his work, and now looks to be in contention for a starting spot. it would be very tough to ignore him with a mind as sharp as mourinho. a real winner.

i met jamie vardy’s manager today. it was funny, because he seemed to me to have a rashford like energy about him. he seemed extremely proud to be part of the ride, and to be working as a team to keep this fairytale going. he seemed to think the pogba deal was about done… he talked to me about how everyone in their industry talks and knows one another, and i noted it was not dissimilar to the entertainment industry with how everyone knows each other. so good enough for me. pogba is on his way.

i just have a good feeling about this year… this next twelve months.

for me as well. 😉



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