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bernie sanders. the president everyone else in the world knows the US needs.

i haven’t written in this thing a lot. i suppose it’s because i get so worried about everything being recorded in cyberspace… but that’s a discussion for another day.

america are currently in the process of finding their next president. donald trump seems to be the front runner for the republican party, and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are duking it out for the democratic party.

donald trump is treating it like a reality tv show, spewing hate and lies at every turn. hillary clinton continually has her integrity questioned, and her motives and agendas always seem to have a conflict of interest.

bernie sanders however, is looking to bring america into the 21st century. he faces an uphill battle against a country divided. the system and change he is looking to bring to america requires a hard look at the truth… not something usually associated with politics.

like the rest of the world, i hope that bernie gets elected.