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jarryd hayne.

““I am over the moon,” Hayne said. “I didn’t just wake up and want to be an NFL player one day. It was a long process with a lot of dark days and a lot of joyous days. Whenever I start talking about what I’ve been through, the emotions get stirred up.”

Jarryd Hayne. One of Australia’s finest sportsmen made the final 53-man cut for the San Francisco 49’s for the 2015/16 NFL season. He’s bringing so much great publicity to the sport, and to Australia. You couldn’t have good things happen to a better person either.

It was interesting reading his feelings on reaching this stage of his career at 27. It’s similar to how I feel now. It’s now been six years since I came to Los Angeles. I’d quit my job as a “Business Development Manager” with Coca Cola on Monday, and arrived to take my first acting classes at AADA on Wednesday. I had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t know what I’m doing now…

But I have made it onto Stitchers as a regular now. I can pay my bills and have a little extra on the side. I may not need to work at the hotel carrying bags much longer. I’m happier now, and more focused.

I had an audition for Hell on Wheels this week. I had to speak Cantonese and worked it at length with mum and dad. It felt really strong.

It feels like I’ve made it onto my own 53 man roster. And now there’s a full season to play for. Everything up until now has been pre-season. NOW, I have to show what I’m made of.