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look harder.

a friend from work called me and asked me to dogsit while they took two weeks away from LA. i have no idea why it took me any more than two seconds to reply.

i saw some incredibly brave and inspiring one person shows at AADA the other night. i think i’d forgotten how important exposing yourself to that kind of honesty and love is.

i’m getting better at placing the opposite sex in categories of friends and “other”. this is progress.

really impressed a casting director yesterday. it was funny, i gave so few fucks that i tried a scene in a way i’d never thought of. i think i’ve finally gotten bored with my mediocre showings as an actor lately. i feel the fire burning again.

HOWEVER, i did make the cardinal sin of getting to an audition late the other day. excuse? none. i slept through my alarm (no wait, i DO have an excuse… i worked an overnight…). schoolboy error.

oh, and hung out with adam finley the other night for his 24th birthday. it was at some place on santa monica blvd… i had to get my face painted with cat makeup. you know what i realised? i don’t think i’m nearly as awkward as i THINK i am in my head. that’s a relief.




writing from the heart.

i talked life last night with a grammy winning musician. we talked about how life in hollywood and the dedication to this career means sometimes relationships are sacrificed. i couldn’t help but notice that mark foster of foster the people said the same thing at a concert two years ago. and  in the conversation, i realised there’s a lot of cool stuff in my life. that i get to be here with this world famous musician, and have a chat with him… like he’s real. and he’s just… within my life to do it.

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” -Bruce Lee

my heart’s a little bruised, i won’t lie. but i’m realising what’s happening is exactly what’s supposed to. i have to bend again. let go  and move on and forward. it makes me a little sad that i feel as though i can’t do both right now.

i will say i feel better and stronger about things. i’ve started dating and meeting new people; the energy shift is just night and day. it scares me and comforts me at the same time. almost as if that voice that says “you’re no good with people Ross Le” quiets just long enough now when i need it to the most.


i played with my rats. i really love those girls, they’ve seen me through a lot in the last two years.

(and holy fucking shit SUPERMODEL from foster the people…)