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it needs to be said.

i spoke to alex billings the other day. i like doing that. it’s almost as if meeting with her helps me push a reset switch. i check in with some of the bullshit i’ve stopped realising is bullshit.

frankly, i’m confused.

recently i decided to really get busy with my career again. get hungry. it’s been a real struggle, but i’m getting it done. it sure feels good to get things accomplished. i suppose with auditions slowing down, and getting a little stretched emotionally and physically, i’ve lost a bit of the intensity i had last year.

but i feel good. i feel as though i’ve turned a little corner. i know this because i’m excited about the future. i’ve no idea what it holds. i have butterflies, like a pleasant anxiousness, telling me to keep going.

that said… the confusion still lingers. mckenna.

this is a more honest blog. i need to get back to more of this too by the way.



don’t think so much.

thinking refers directly to using your brain.

it just occurred to me that when people say “don’t think so much…”, they mean do it with your heart.


same love.

i remember the first time i listened to this song a few months ago. listening to the words really inspired me to be a better person. not just for myself, but for the example we set for the people of tomorrow. we’re building the future for our kids today. it starts with us and starts today. with every decision you make, you can make a world you want.

something not “normal”?

then make it normal. make it so that our kids won’t ever know of a time when your colour mattered, or a time when your sexuality mattered.

or when marijuana was illegal, and viagra is not.