that’d be nice.

i had an audition yesterday for a project. a feature film, and i hadn’t done research on who it was for, or who it’d be with. more often than not, i’ll focus on just doing the work on the script, and maybe a bit of background on the producers and directors to get an idea of what kind of work they’re doing.

the audition went swimmingly. not a particularly tough audition. i’m interacting with the main characters who run a furniture store as a front to illegal activity. three scenes, eight lines. a good sized role for where i’m at in my career. i was given no direction. what that means is that following my audition, the casting director had no notes, and i did it in one take. sometimes this is a bad thing (because it means there’s no more of you that they want to see), and other times, it’s good (as you’ve done exactly what they want to present to the producers, directors and other decision makers). this was a good one. how do i know? as an actor, you just do.

a role in a feature film. that’d be nice. maybe i should look it up to see who’s involved. get this. the lead actors opposite me in my scene?

ewan mcgregor and carey mulligan.

that’d be nice.



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