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june 2012

i’m going to be without a home in 30 days. it’s not as bad as it sounds. i was thinking about living in my car. just to say that i’d done it. “at 30, hollywood actor ross kurt le was living in his car while struggling to become an actor…”

i was thinking… three years ago, i was in the middle of a road trip waking up in my car with ashley. we hadn’t been bothered to get a motel room so we camped out in my car. again, just so we could say we did it. then jonny called me and told me michael jackson had died. i remember listening to lots of michael jackson that road trip. we went up to newcastle. i talked all about coming to LA and becoming an actor. it was fun.

two years ago, i was in steppenwolf. after finishing my first year of acting school, i was about to head home. that didn’t happen.

now here i am… back in class with alex billings.

speaking of alex billings, i was just watching my rats sydney and beatrice. i had one on the inside of the cage, and one outside. as sydney ran away from the cage, it was incredible to watch beatrice react inside the cage. they were listening to each other so keenly. you could almost say they were telepathically connected with how they responded so quickly. i sound like a really weird crackpot. but i swear i’m not. i’m just an actor… who likes viewpoints.

oh, and i like super smash bros now. don’t ask me why.


it’s because of mckenna.


Burgers and blindfolds

A long weekend. Filled with burgers, gay films and the like. I’ve been busy, but I’m just not up to a proper update at the moment.

I didn’t rest enough last night. A frustrating and confusing night.



scattered text at 1am,

i wasn’t actually going to write an entry tonight. i suppose because i often want what i write to be coherent, interesting, and to reflect well upon myself. then i realised it required planning, thought, and lots of time. you know what sucks? planning. whenever you plan stuff, you can never truly plan and anticipate EVERYTHING. sure, there’s preparation, but actually planning out for me has never sat well. why start now? i think in the past week, i’ve had plenty of proof that listening to what’s happening and going with it, has been far more fulfilling than anything that i’ve planned.

so i jumped back into class with RJ adams and alex billings. did i have time and money for it? no. but i’ll make it work.

i got back into working out tonight. at 11pm. did i have a routine and a plan? no. i went anyway. i suppose a side note is that i’ve realised that i really miss saturday cricket and kung fu in australia. i havent actually been physically active in three years. it’s a little gross, and i’m starting to realise my body isn’t liking it because it’s screaming at me to do something. happy body’s a good body.

i sat down and wrote this entry. did i know what i was going to write? no. i wrote it anyway. i need to put my yes hat back on.

i’m not planning it. it’s just happening. the past few days have been some of the most pleasantly surprising of 2012. i don’t need the answer. get going with the yes.


ps – get going to millions of milkshakes in west hollywood. it’ll substitute a meal and blow your fucking mind.