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live in the moment. merry christmas, it’s not new years yet.

everywhere i turn, there are people talking about 2012. the end of the world. what it holds. what awaits…

but what about 2011? thrown out into the cold like… well. it’s out in the cold. and why? have we done all we could with it? i’m constantly being reminded to live in the moment. take care of now, and later takes care of itself.

i don’t want to lose sight of now. it’s always the journey that’s been paramount for me.

it’s still there for you. what are you going to fit in for 2011?


ps – that said though,┬áhere’s my new headshot for 2012


of course that’s what happened.

i’m a manchester united boy through and through. my dad’s a fan. and i’m a fan now. i’m not one of those bandwagon whore’s who jumped on after the 1999 treble. it’s something i have with my dad.

and english premier league football is hard to find here in the US. tv rights are hard to come by. i’ve driven to santa monica from k-town at 5am. i’ve left classes early to catch the game. i’ve left parties to get to a bar on time. all so i could watch the game. i never miss them. one way or another… i’ll get to the right place at kick off.

so when i finally purchased a single channel plan on my computer which allows me to see every game LIVE from my computer/phone/ipad, etc… i was over the fucking moon. I FINALLY PAID FOR FOOTBALL! FUCK WIN!

this was last tuesday.

for those of you not versed in the recent happenings of football. manchester united; the biggest, the proudest, and best team on the planet (no bias there) were bundled out of the champions league by basel. a swiss team with the collective talent of a broken garden gnome, thereby taking away HALF of the value of my new football channel subscription. losing at this stage of the tournament hasn’t happened since 05.

yeah. of course.


urgent and important.

urgent stuff is always going to be there. that’s why it’s urgent. it needs your attention NOW.

IMPORTANT stuff will NOT always be there. there’s a window that closes every minute you leave it. great right? more time to focus on what’s urgent…

the problem is that a lot of people don’t realise that they choose urgent by default. important is scary.

you take urgent. i’ll handle important. see you at the finish.