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if i stopped acting tomorrow.

the world would continue spinning and the sun would still rise.

tomorrow. i’m going to let go, and be ok with who i am and trust that i’m enough.



powerful beyond measure.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” -Marianne Williamson

A very special teacher and mentor once passed this along to me.

Something occurred to me recently. If we truly believe we are capable of anything, and that we are truly powerful beyond measure, there are no excuses for not being where you want to be. If you know what you’re worth go and get it. You choose where you are, nothing and no one else does.

Of course if you don’t believe that, and you believe you are powerless and merely a passenger in this vehicle of life… That feels a lot safer. After all who’d want to be responsible for their own life?


i was looking in the mirror the other day.

a little more than almost naked i might add… and i noticed something.

i’m not as defined as i used to be. should i be surprised? not really. more so that i’m documenting my vanity for the world to read. try telling me i’m not in the 0.1% of actors now.

i’m going back to the gym. i haven’t really looked after my physical health since getting into LA two years ago. perhaps it’s time.

the in and out burgers remain.



this is an american tradition i could really get into.

thanksgiving; a time when you take a day to remember what you’re thankful for. for me, i could give thanks for a number of things. but you give me a single moment to mention one, i can only think of the people in my life.

you make my dreams possible.
you remind me who i am.
you make me laugh when my soul needs it.
you don’t judge me.
you protect me.
you grow with me.
you keep me going.
you humble me.
you empower me.

i give thanks to you. and i always mean to.



two ants lived in a sandbox.

one ant said to the other, “This is all there is to the universe.” The other ant looked defiantly at his friend and objected. “Bullshit. I believe outside of this sandbox, there are playgrounds, and buildings, and cities, and countries and ALL that.”

both ants died as ants in the sandbox.

knowledge in itself isn’t enough. we must do and apply. bruce lee said that… but i came up with the analogy.