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make sure you’re honest with yourself. then get what needs to be done… done.

say a lie long enough, and chances are you’ll start to believe it. that’s the brilliant and most terrible thing about the human mind. unfortunately, the heart is not quite so brilliant. it says one thing. over and over again. and it’s like a kid who doesn’t understand it’s not going to get what it wants.

we tell ourselves lies for millions of reasons. more so than we do to other people (even then we’re probably just telling them to further reinforce what we’re trying to tell ourselves).

more often than not, when our heart says we want something “i want to be an actor”… this is the point where we are most honest with ourselves. then… comes the mind. this clever fellow comes along and filters what we’ve learned in life, what we’ve experienced and seen, and have been taught… and spits out something different. “acting is really tough and far away, your family and friends will miss you, and besides, coca cola is paying you pretty well to stay right here in sydney”.

now, when these two guys start arguing, it can make you sick. they will never let up. ever. “this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.” joker was on to something.

of course… going with your heart is going to piss you off. the pissed off feeling is going against your mind. whether you do that to yourself, or you sit there disagreeing, there’s going to be a fear ceiling that comes in the form of anger, rejection, “turning off”, etc. but chances are there’s going to be that voice in your heart that’s a whisper of truth. there’s power there. you’re responsible for your life. no one else.

so ask yourself. are you happy on the couch? are you happy in your school or job? are you happy in your relationship? what do you want to do? where do you want to be? how do i get there?

and get moving. period.




My days.

11-730pm – work in century city
730-830pm – drive to noho
830-1200am ¬†–¬†lesly kahn rehearsal until midnight

1200 – 1am – get home to k-town and sleep
4 – 430am – drive back to work
430 – 1pm – finish work
1 – 2pm – drive back to noho
2 – 5pm – rehearsal for lesly kahn
5 – 6pm – drive home
6 – ????? homework for lesly kahn