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being an actor in hollywood.

what do i need to do right now? what do i want? how do i get what i want? what’s in my way?

these are questions you have to ask yourself every day. will smith had this wonderful analogy that can apply to almost any task in life. he said that when you set out to build a wall, you don’t wake up in the morning and say “i’m going to build the biggest, baddest wall the world has ever seen.” instead, you wake up and lay a single brick. you lay a single brick the most perfectly, and most diligently that a brick has ever been laid. and you do this every day.

pretty soon you’ll have a bad ass wall.

three years ago, while i was still living in australia… if you told me that it’d be one and a half years before i started making DECENT money with my acting (and NO SOONER), i probably wouldn’t have come. actually that’s not entirely true, because most people warned me it’d be three or four years. but it would’ve really discouraged me.

thing is, now that i’m here, i realise that everything that’s been done has needed to be done. this is not an easy career. this is not an in and out gamble. if you’re here, you’re here for the long haul. there is so much that you need to secure before you can make this a career. the sooner you make peace with this, the sooner you can get to where you’re going.

at EVERY step… there’s more to do. and it’s strange because when you’re looking up at where you’re going you think “if i just get there, i’ll be happy and ok.” incorrect.

if i just get a car.
if i just finish school.
if i just book some union theatre.
if i just get sag.
if i just get an agent.
if i just book a commercial.

i sit here now looking down the barrel of my next step (which is to get co-star auditions and roles under my belt). i actually think i’ll be happy when i nail a few.

but that’s not REALLY true now is it? i’m just not thinking about the massive wall anymore. i’m just going out and laying this new brick as best as i can.



pet peeves.

1. consistently fail to answer your phone or text msgs.

fuck you.


david de gea. what do you do in the face of doubt and fear?

david de gea is coming off the back of two STELLAR seasons playing for atletico madrid in the spain’s la liga. he’s faced the likes of villa, ronaldo, messi… the best in the world. he’s won the under 21 euro championships, and he’s won the europa league. and he’s 20.

with the retirement of edwin van der sar, manchester united were going to need a new keeper to take up the throne of no.1. when manchester united go looking for a keeper, it’s only going to be the BEST OF THE BEST that they ask for. so that alex ferguson deemed this kid to be the replacement for one of the best keepers in the world says something.

now, two competitive games into his manchester united career, he faces questions about his place already, such is the cut-throat nature of the game. two ordinary games against manchester city in the community shield, and then against west brom for the beginning of the barclay’s premier league has the world wondering.

so what now? he can take the text being thrown at him and live by the measure everyone puts him against. and distort the truth of the situation, go back to spain…

or. he can step up. everyone fails and everyone makes mistakes. in the face of challenge and adversity, everyone has the choice to face the fear and the truth. or lie.

problem is, for the truly brave, there is no going back once you know the truth. bravery isn’t having no fear. it’s stepping forward even when it’s all you hear, see, smell, feel and taste.

i’ve no doubts de gea is on his way to being great. i stand on the verge of my third year here… and i step forward.


reese witherspoon and lindex… and me.

if you blink you’ll miss me.


my name is ross. i can not help you.

yeah im not going to lie to you. i talk to hundreds of people every week. and most of them are completely screwed. not even counting the people on weekends having emergencies with broken teeth, infections, etc.

take this guy. i was talking to a guy from tennessee. recently unemployed, 56 years old, had an abscess on his tooth. he has no insurance, has medicaid (which no one really accepts, and if they do it doesn’t cover anything), and three other teeth have cavities (because he hasn’t seen the dentist in seven years because of the cost). so he finally makes the call to me because he cant bear the pain anymore. and i refer him to a dentist office. naturally everyone wants a “cheap dentist” but that’s like walking into a hospital saying i want “cheap surgery for this gunshot wound”. too bad buddy, we’re gonna do what needs to be done, and it’s going to cost you.

seriously, the only difference is that the tooth infection/pain/gum disease, etc will kill you SLOWER, and as such you can probably make it OUT of the place alive. just.

the dentist gets on the phone with this guy, and tells him he can see him thursday (it’s monday). that’s as soon as i can get him in. for the initial visit, it’s $110 dollars. that’s just to get in the office for the xray and check up. but he’s going to need a prescription for pain medication and antibiotics because they can’t do anything with an infected tooth. $60 dollars. they may need a panoramic xray because it’s a molar in the back. $95 dollars.

that’s $265 and the sonofabitch hasn’t even been given a diagnosis yet. THEN, the dentist says that after the antibiotics takes care of the infection, to came back in on monday for the diagnosis. chances are it’s going to be a removed tooth (thank god, because a root canal, or trying to save the tooth could be upwards of 900 dollars). boy oh boy, good news sir! pulling the tooth is only going to be $310 dollars. what a bargain! but if it’s chipped and broken, we may need to refer you to a fucking SURGEON! and guess what pal? $$$$

he’s 56. now unemployed. in constant pain. and i have the audacity to tell him it’s going to cost him $265 for some dentist to tell him “yup, you’re in pain”. and then have him charge $310 dollars to pull it out?

home depot has pliers for $8.99.

you think i’m kidding or exaggerating? this isn’t even the worst story. i hear this every. day.


“maybe that’s what I have overcome… and just say “f**k it” again”.

i was talking to one of my non-actor friends recently, and they were talking to me about some of the obstacles that have come in their lives. we talked briefly about experimentation, successes and failures…

there seemed to be an apprehensive attitude towards stepping forward. and then this piece of came out. “maybe that’s what I have overcome… and just say “f**k it” again”.

anyone from steppenwolf reading this will not need me to write anymore. but it’s not coincidence that all people, no matter who you are or what you do come to this cliff edge and thought process.

gotta say yes to that s**t.