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the end of the chinese massacre.

“chinese massacre (annotated)” had it’s final show last night at circle x theatre. standing out front talking, eating, and taking pictures i found myself having one of the many moments which remind me that i’ve done the right thing in coming to los angeles. through the last month, i’ve been running around like a mad person to make everything work. each day, there seemed a new obstacle, and an extra weight to carry. oftentimes i felt as though i was running out of steam. the stress of trying to manage everything in the past week, which include rehearsals, shows, auditions, a new agent, new auditions, a new full time job, immigration meetings, new classes and no sleep and food have taken a real toll on me.

but as i looked around last night at the faces of friends and cast; i ate my pizza and drank my soda and smiled. i’m not making a lot of money. i don’t have a lot of great clothes. i don’t have the best food in my fridge. but what i do have makes me feel a wealth i’ve never known. every face i saw last night, and indeed over the past month has just given me the energy to continue against any adversary in my life. because with each face, and each goal, it’s as though i’m given what i need to not just carry through, but charge at my end goal. it reminds me constantly that i’ll be ok, and that i just need to continue doing what i’m doing.


i’m going to be doing a seperate update of what i’ve done and accomplished in a day or so… because it’s been a month. and that’s forever in my blog terms.