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sony releases the new psp2… or ngp… whatever.

Oooo shiny... apparently this thing will come end of 2011 (wtf) with a 5 inch touch screen front, touch pad back, wifies and 3gs

hmmm. i’m a massive geek from way back. most kids today have no idea how blessed they are with computer power. i say this in truth. i remember back in the day where i would mess around with config.sys and autoexec.bat to tweak my machine so as to make “space quest” run better. good old dos. no idea what i’m talking about? chances are you’re younger than 22.

that being said though, my nightmares of being unable to keep up with technology, and then needing a 10 year old to educate me on technology haunt me on a regular basis. that’s my excuse for keeping up to date with what’s going on in the tech world.

or at least that’s what i tell myself when i read up about sony’s new psp2 thing. sure does look sleek. you know, i think only apple can make products consumers want to buy just on looks alone more than sony. looking at their products just makes you want to check how much you have in your bank account. who are these guys designing this stuff? and could they create a campaign to get casting directors to covet me in such a way?


they should get in quick. i’m peddling myself for free these days.



the dark knight rises… and ends.

warner bros. today released a statement that anne hathaway (princess diaries, get shorty, bride wars and the devil wears prada), and tom hardy (inception) have been cast as selina kyle and bane respectively. if you don’t know who these characters are… wikipedia is your friend.

as for other characters, or at least the joker in particular… rumors stretching from daniel day lewis taking over the role to recutting unused footage from the dark knight so as to keep the villain alive have been seemingly put on a back burner with nolan himself saying “he’s not comfortable talking about it…”… though if i were going to throw the character in, and i didn’t want anyone asking questions about it, that’s what i’d say.

personally though i wonder what goes through a casting directors head when they cast someone. i mean, as an actor who’s been around just a LITTLE while, i realise there are hundreds of variables. some people say it’s just how you look. some say it’s about talent. some people say it’s about how they feel on the day. you have to keep in mind, there are hundreds, sometimes THOUSANDS of people going for a role, and they don’t always have time. like in everything in life, they have to do the best they can. and mistakes happen.

not many eyebrows were raised when heath ledger was cast as the joker. nor christian bale as batman. but anne hathaway as catwoman? i’ll reserve judgement. because nolan isn’t an idiot. he’s only going to follow heath fucking ledgers joker if he KNOWS he can put in a good performance. but on this particular occasion, i don’t think previous work comes too much into consideration for this role. not if the series continues it’s dark edge. yes im suggesting “the devil wears prada” doesn’t sit on the same bench as “the dark knight”.

the movie is slated for a june 2012 release and will be the final movie in the trilogy.

in my own news though, i have a callback for a short film, and for an agency. not exactly the dark knight… but they’re not people in vans that i’m talking to anymore. i’m thinking of putting this stuff on youtube into a reel… of sorts.


the golden globes, a wake, and a resident alcoholic.

i’m half dressed as i write this. dress pants, and my shirt half done… bottle of coke, and a half eaten mint cookie next to me. as i run through the events of the night, i’d say it pretty much balanced out between disappointing and unique.

it’s hard to focus on the blog being nearly 3am, and with walter, the resident alcoholic snoring outside my door. it looks like he tried to stumble into his apartment, but was locked out, and decided to set up camp outside his door. his snoring is unparalleled save for his flatulence (which seems to be as rhythmic as his snoring) and the occasional incoherent mumbling about diablo other demons of el salvador. he’s harmless.

so i was invited to an afterparty for the golden globes by two of my friends last night, and me being the positive yes man that i am, hurriedly got ready and went into hollywood to go meet them. sweet a hollywood type after party! following three wrong turns, a lack of confirmation number, and 35 minutes in my friend’s mum’s minivan, we arrived at our destination a little agitated, but nonetheless relieved to finally be there. looking at the venue, it looked as though the party had yet to get started. either way, it started to dawn on me that up until now, i’d not paid a dollar for anything. hmmm, hollywood after party for a commoner like me without paying a dime? regardless, we stepped up to the bouncer, as if thinking that just because we’d RSVP’d that we would be on a list and allowed to enter. no.

it seems that the RSVP was simply so you could get in LINE. from there, you were able to pay the bouncer 50 dollars to get into a 25 dollar entry event. so for the four of us, we could drop 200 dollars to get in. in my current financial situation, i’ve barely money to pay for pants, so it was an easy walk away for me. a stupid mistake of mine. we should know that nothing in this town is free.

we hitched a ride from unique’s mum in her minivan again, where we decided to drown our sorrows in a drink of two while we were in town. we stopped off at the “house of blues” on sunset. and while it seems eerily quiet, there were a number of cars parked outside. we walked down to the back entrance and seated ourselves, and began talking about how futile our attempts to get in were. how stupid of us. i mean c’mon, really? as we began having a little chat and getting comfortable, someone pointed out that we might have stumbled into a book signing. looking up, there was a huge projector screen of the author. hmmm, maybe we could get a free book? at least then the night wouldn’t be a complete bust…

it wasn’t until this exchange of dialogue occurred that we realised what was happening.
unique – “i don’t know that author”
ross – “nah neither do i… place seems nice though. i feel a bit under dressed however. everyone else is wearing black.”
unique – “what’s the authors name?”
ross – “it says up there. josie smith*… 1976-2010…”
unique – “…..”
ross – “…. i think we’re at a wake.”

needless to say, we left shortly after.

that was two strikes for the night. i didn’t want a third. we jumped across the road to the saddle ranch (checked to see if there was any lines, or wakes), and sat ourselves down for a few drinks and smores… which were really just crackers and marshmellows. following the eating, i joined some friends in hollywood where i divulged my strikes to their amusement. only i could try getting into a hollywood after party, but end up crashing a wake. contrary to what will farrell says… the chicks were not horny.

so getting home, i realised i could take from the night… if nothing else. a decent blog entry.


*i can’t remember the girl’s name… i was too busy focusing trying to exit.

meet the new zodiac sign… Ophiuchus…

but who really cares? well, apparently quite a few people. news that we’ve been reading the zodiac incorrectly for centuries has set the internet (and facebook… always facebook), alight and abuzz with people wondering what this now means. before i go any further, i took a look around…

Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16.
Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11.
Pisces: March 11-April 18.
Aries: April 18-May 13.
Taurus: May 13-June 21.
Gemini: June 21-July 20.
Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10.
Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16.
Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30.
Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23.
Scorpio: Nov. 23-29.
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29-Dec. 17.
Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20.

so… there it is. we have a new sign. a 13th sign, ophiuchus that fits just between scorpio and sagittarius. it’s represented by a serpant tamer it seems. so how did this huge change come about? it seems that over time, the gravitational effects of the moon have moved the earth into a position where there is a gap in the stars (respective of of where things used to be). the added sign is said to be a formation the ancient babylonians discarded because they wanted 12 star signs, not 13. seems OCD was common back then too. is that why we got rid of pluto as a planet a few years ago?

what does this mean for people though? all these years of reading your horoscope, and telling people it’s so accurate. asking people when you meet them…what’s your sign? only to come to the realisation today, “dang, none of it was accurate because we’ve been reading them wrong all these years.”

i can’t help but feel that people who put so much stake into the stars, and their alignment, birth colour stone, and what not, are just looking for a scapegoat for the things in their life that they can’t be bothered exploring properly. “oh it’s because i’m a scorpio that thing’s didn’t work out with my ex”… no it’s because you cheated on her repeatedly then started banging her friend.

no doubt though, there will be people who will insist on using “the ways of old”, and continue on in using the 12 sign system. but you can’t really can you? it’s governed by the stars, and not “just what you feel like using”. and so in this case, there will surely be those who embrace the new signs, seeing the world in a whole new clarity… or least be able to exploit people and justify mistaken horoscope reports (which i’m told can cost upwards of 200 dollars for a full chart… ha, money well spent bud).

but if they do, well it leads me to believe it’s all about as reliable as the weatherman. surprise, surprise… but at least that sonofabitch wears a suit.

i’m personally holding out for someone to discover a new hour in the day so that i can sleep in. mail me when that happens.


looking for that clean slate.

a lot of people spend so much time looking for the clean slate. it sounds so appealing. it’s the reason people look forward to the new year. it’s the reason people move to new cities. it’s the reason people love new relationships so much. it’s the reason people love buying new stationary. because on some level, there’s a belief that starting out a new, problems, issues, mistakes, can all be solved… or at least forgotten on some level.

and a lot of people, are lucky enough to not have this come up as an issue until they’re well out of childhood, adolescence and young adulthood… some others, are not so lucky.

i was speaking to a friend… and i always find that the best discoveries a person can make, come as a result of getting text out. a special teacher taught me this. there’s something sacred about saying words aloud that is different from having them in your head. once they’re spoken, they have power, they’re out in the universe… but i got to thinking of these problems, demons, etc… as rock like objects. imagine that these things don’t change in size. imagine the things around them (for example for me, it’s my acting, my football, my friends, my writing) are the things you CAN control in size. if you focus on the negative, which you can’t change, relative to everything else, it becomes huge and all powerful. however, if you decide to focus on everything else, and strengthen what they mean to you instead, the rock is belittled.

in rabbit hole the play, becca asks her mother (who has also lost a child) if it ever goes away, referring to the pain of losing a child. it’s the desire for a clean slate, that need for everything to be ok. but her mother doesn’t hand her a band aid. she doesn’t hand her a solution.

“no. but at some point it becomes bearable.”

she likens it to a rock in her pocket (so maybe the idea wasn’t entirely mine…. but that anolgy was)… that you forget about occasionally. a rock which for whatever reason you remember when you reach back into your pocket.

i’m looking to strengthen in 2011 everything that will help me, my career and my life.


kfc worker loses it… and why i thought of acting when i saw it.

so this guy’s clearly not a happy camper. and when i first saw the video (and then for the next 70 replays really), i found real humour in it. there’s nothing quite like someone else having a bad day that makes yours seem just that little bit better.

but inevitably, the actor in me kicked in and i began to wonder what it’d be like if i had to rediscover that kind of rage going into a scene. trying to stay objective… you look at the guy, and well, he’s not kidding around. he’s GENUINELY pissed off. there’s real TRUTH behind what’s going on in his head. there’s an uncontrollable rage that’s just driving him to hate the camera, the workers around him, the cash register, the chicken oven…

acting teachers often say, put how you feel into a physical action. if you flick to 0.07, he bashes the cash register. no doubt this is EXACTLY his thoughts manifested into a physical action. it never made sense before. but that’s what we do in real life. people do it all the time.

“i WANT to punch the camera person in the face… but i can’t so i’ll do this instead.”


(i’m deliberatly steering away from the racial comments that seem to flood the youtube comments section… it’s not race… the guy’s just a raging dickhead)

one goal for 2011.

i’m learning spanish.