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americans are insane.

when someone is insane, they dont think theyre insane. quite the contrary. they think its everyone else whos insane. so, being the case, over the past few days i’ve been educating myself in the ways of american holidays and traditions… with the kind of venom that these traditions are being thrown at me, i have at times stopped to wonder if it’s me that’s just strange.

i’m in america now, but sometimes i feel the need to remind people that i am actually australian.

waiting outside a best buy at 5am after camping out over night so you can get black friday specials… it’s not normal.
thanksgiving, where you cook everything in the house all day and spend it with your family… it’s american. no one else does this.
christmas, where you go out with the family, and get a REAL LIVE tree, put it on the roof of a car, then toss it in the back yard after dec 25… that’s a lot of effort.
egg nog… a thick dairy beverage made of eggs, sugar and milk… enough said.
valentines day… this is for americans, and anyone else around the world who wishes they were american.

now… there will be some people who completely think i’m insane. they will most likely be americans. then, there will be everybody else. they will include my friends from anywhere else in the world.



cheer up grumpy.

“if you spend all your time saying “i’m down, i’m down, things are bad, i’m sad”, then don’t be surprised when it turns out like that.”

i was flipping through one of my old yearbooks and found that someone had written this to me. i was 12 and she was 13 (i had the biggest crush on her, but that’s another story). a 13 year old kid can figure it out.

cheer the fuck up grumpy.


a quote and an audition.

“courage isnt about having no fear, its about having it, and going ahead anyway.”

here’s a piece of work i did on a monologue from “a chorus line”. you can find jason tam’s audition online somewhere too. he’s brilliant.


urgent and important.

fuck harry potter. seriously.


it’s like a football match. frustating and at times, stale.

it’s not the final. it’s not the quarter final. in fact, it’s probably just the qualifying stage.

it’s game time, half time is over, and it was 2-0. it was looking great. suddenly the other team score one. then another. and it’s 2-2.

i have the ball.


time off.

it’s not been easy writing journal entries lately. someone once told me, that as you get older, you don’t really get wiser. you just learn to shut up more often.

i agree and add my own little piece. complaining and whinging is a waste of time. unless it’s for entertainment purposes.


east west players, and crimes of the heart… and george takei.

so it’s been a month since i was last at east west players working on mysterious skin. it’s tough to believe it’s been that long, and at the same time, it feels like just yesterday that we finished our sunday matinee performance and sat in the theatre for hours talking about the run of the show. it was so heart warming to see everyone again. every face i saw really did just make me feel wonderful tonight. david, scott, liz, christine, marcus, ruffy, lovelle, tobit, prince, tim, letitia, rima, dina… wow. it’s nothing short of feeling like a family when you go there.

and seeing liz on stage was a treat as well. in a performance that one could only say had so much warmth, and depth, i couldn’t help but feel that she was just on loan from the SKIN cast :p. we get her back when she’s done.

i guess in a town like LA and hollywood, sometimes it can get lonely, and sometimes it can get very tough. but knowing there are people in the industry like this, really can be a pick up in itself.


on a side note, i keep bumping into george takei in the urinals. probably not the best time to introduce myself. next time i’ll wait outside… that’ll be far more appropriate.