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agents, auditions, and something else beginning with a.

oh and get this. with the steppenwolf theatre, i told them i accepted the position and would be happy to begin the course on june 25th. ive been coordinating my course with one john mayer (no not the musician), and he called me up last week to inform me that theyve given me a full scholarship on the recommendation of alex… now, as wonderful as this is, i cant help but feel a little pressured. i know a number of good actors who got turned away from the measly places they offer…

other news… oh right, i sent out 62 headshots and resumes two weeks ago, remember? they took a really long time. to get them to “industry standard” of course. being the right size, with a good PERSONALISED cover letter, headshots with an updated resume cut to size on the back, etc. anyway, i have two rejections, and i had one call back. because of the apathetic attitude towards my blog, i actually had the interview today. with a group called “pantheon”… they handle a lot of asian talent, and they want to sign me. so that’s good news too.

ill give more information on that later. i know i seem a little blaise about it at the moment, but truth is im exhausted.

you know… i found out recently that a friend from school is a stripper and uses that to make her tuition. somewhere in the vicinity of six thousand dollars a month. id be lying if i said i werent a little jealous. thats a lot of money. and certainly the kind of money you could get addicted to. i mean really. is it a means to an end or what?

im rambling.



to peter.

happy f**king birthday.


don’t f**k with ninjas. is still my home page these days. i guess to an extent its just out of habit, and it kind of keeps me posted with whats going on back home. most of the stories, dont get my attention. its all pretty standard stuff. but one story today got my attention.

apparently a german exchange student in sydney was being assaulted by three men who demanded his wallet on the train. when he refused and got off, the three men followed him and began harassing him further and began to attack him. however, this german medical student must surely have karma on his side. because as he began yelling for help an ENTIRE FUCKING TEAM OF NINJAS came to his aid, fighting and scaring off the three would be bandits. talk about an inopportune place to try and rob someone.

hello peter. i know you read this article and thought of me.



so no word about the “good guys” piece. but a good experience. youre always told not to think too much about any one audition. youre always going to have roles that just seem perfect for you, and naturally, youre going to want them and think about them. but, you just have to let go.

just continue moving. being the case, i completed a total of 62 individual letters to agents from a list i compiled from school recommendations and agent guides from the city. now i feel like a real actor. i have the 8×10 photographs with my resume ready to go out tomorrow. i do wonder though, these poor souls have to wade through hundreds of these nameless faces (unless of course they actually look at your resume… *gasp*)

the steppenwolf scholarship. i was ready to say no. then i stopped and really thought about the opportunity. its strange, perhaps its just that im not so familiar with the theatre scene in america; but when i mention my predicament to people… they all react the same way. “steppenwolf???”… alexandra went to a lot of effort to write me a good recommendation and to consider me. and looking at some of the people who weren’t as lucky to get accepted ive decided to find a way to make it work.

finding accomodation in fresno on craigslist seems to be showing some fruits.

a good busy.


just a pointer…

you know guys, you should subscribe to my blog. that way my adventures of my life here in LA will be sent with notification directly to you!

you can tell all your friends and be cool.

im speaking to all three of you guys who read this blog.



so ive been getting busy applying for roles. as an actor, you do this thing, where you apply for everything, and you go in pessimistic about everything. its just what you do because if you get worked up over everything, it takes a lot of energy and inevitably leads to a lot of heartbreak.

SO, when i read about a casting call for a something something about some asians in a something something… i naturally paid little attention. i got the notice yesterday, and went out there this morning.

anyway, turns out its at warner brothers studios. well thats ok… i figure its NEAR there, and not IN there. but when i arrive, i drive up to the gate of warner brothers to ask directions…

r. hi im looking for gate 7 and….
x. whats your name?
r. well i dont think im supposed to be here because…
x. your name sweetie?
r. well its ross…
x. le?
r. excuse me?
x. ross le?
r. well yes.
x. oh great, the directors expecting you, drive through here. here’s your pass for the day. park on the right next to studio 203. youre in building 137.

ok, so by now im a little nervous. im driving past the set of friends, and movie sets and whatever. i park my car to try look around for my office. its been a hectic morning, and after driving 10 miles in the wrong direction (thanks to kevin ross who was at the wheel and couldnt follow directions…. thats another story). i poke my head into an office only to see posters of gossip girl, alpha dog, my sisters keeper, etc all around the place.

anyway, i walk into the room, and i find three asian guys sitting down. they look just like me. just like the teachers at aada had told me it would be like. they look younger. i look slightly older with facial hair, and my hair is a bit of a mess. but luckily i get to know the casting director and the director of the film a little.

personally i think i couldve been better prepared. i guess because i only got the sides yesterday its tough… but still. this really escalated into something exciting, and i had a LOT of fun. am i nervous? sure. but i always said id give myself a bit of time to think about an audition and then let go.

ill leave you guys with this. the guys name that took care of proceedings today… matthew barry. dont know him? (i was in this office)