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so whats been going on?

excuse the lack of proper updates. id say this was the first time ive taken a little break from writing in my blog. funnily enough, since i’ve been in LA i’ve barely touched my journal. ive kept it for 11 years. i should show it more respect. but i should probably eat more vegetables too.

so whats been going on? i’ve been having the time of my fucking life thats what. lots of wonderful stuff. it’s strange though, being in school, it’s easy to fall into the trap of getting complacent. you have to keep meeting people and making the most of whatever interactions you have. i was lucky enough to meet a casting guy through ankur (thanks mate) and fooled the guy into thinking i could act. he gave me a job that im filming in february. 1/1 successful auditions in LA, i should retire while im ahead.

i got a number of headshots and resumes made up, and im starting to send those around too. ive started talking to a writer from outside of the school, and we’re looking at what we can put together which will be interesting.

and i went to the most epic party in beverly hills last night. after working at school and finishing up at midnight, jimmy (the other australian bloke here) went out to beverly hills to the most american party youve ever seen. this place was decked out like you wouldnt believe. it had a photo session running in the back (the kind you always see in the movies at american proms, complete with lighting umbrellas and equipment), a bar with bartenders, a dancefloor, and a fucking jumping castle. oh, and they had those red party cups you always see in the moves, (again complemented with the american frat boys trying to have sex with every foreign girl in sight).

i have to say though, we have had the angriest taxi drivers in LA driving us around. warren has this insatiable urge to ask every taxi driver what his name is (with their name tag on the dash, he does it just for conversational value), and they all LIE about their name. what are these guys trying to hide?

w. whats your name man, hows your night been?
driver. um… jeff.
w. but… it says your name is ricardo right there.
driver. jeff is… my artist name.
w. really? are you lying? cuz its your photo right there.
driver. im not fucking lying. taxi driving is my art.

true story. asshole.

anyway, i just wanted to update properly. manchester united beat arsenal 3-1 this morning too.

i dare send out a challenge. catch me upset at LA or my life here… and i’ll give you 20 dollars.



cold feet.

its not metaphorical. my feet are actually cold.


intergalactically stupid people.

im talking in regards to the stupid people that roam the earth with the intelligence of apes.

two fine examples are as follows.

A) the guy that drinks until he passes out every weekend, yells at every joke, and hollers like every moronic frat boy you see in american films… then turns around and demands you “respect him”.

B) the next is the naive kind of girl who is paranoid to the point of hysteria 90% of the time, carries pepper spray in her bag, flinches at any sound, and insecurely attacks people around her saying “you can never protect yourself too much”… but then 10% of the time, proceeds to get into the back of vans with party guys offering them drinks claiming “sometimes you gotta live”.

these people exist. in such numbers that i can bracket them in these kind of groups.


99c store.

i just went to a 99c store to browse with some cheap friends.

i came out with enough instant noodles to sink a f**king ship.


ps – i am glad angelique likes my blog 😉

strassberg, hagen, adler vs meisner

i havent explored this very much. but i have made another discovery.

i have been working with a new teacher ms.blier, and at the same time have been continuing to explore sanford meisner (i have previously been working exclusively with stanislavkis method of acting, which often deals with a realistic building of a character internally, clear actions and objectives, justifications of what you do on stage etc). now, sanford meisner originally started with adler, strassberg and hagen, but eventually broke off to do his own thing.

now, from what im gathering, what he did that was really different from the other guys, was that he said, fuck that. everything you need, can be found in your partner. everything else was important, but first and foremost, everything you need, could come from what you’re given (i wonder if this works with actors who give you nothing… perhaps then an actor should fall back on traditional methods…). this technique focuses on what i’ve always appreciated about great actors; actors who focus on impinging on the other person. the relationship and unselfish acting.

this helps actors really LISTEN, and really OBSERVE your partner. it also stops you from thinking in your head, which if you’ve been reading, has been two of my biggest problems. SO, in my scene today, while everyone else was coming up with set scripts, i tossed it all out, and did an improv with a set direction instead. it worked wonderfully, and it was as though id had a few a real breakthrough and discovery about acting and how to connect.

its very tough to explain to anyone who doesn’t study acting. an acting connection is one of those intangible things. imagine it being chemistry. when you’re with another person, and things are just sailing along wonderfully. you know that wonderful feeling where you think, wow, im really there with this person. in reality its chance and luck.

actors find the science behind it and try to recreate it. every time.

acting is not easy. not to do it well.


semester kick off.

id update properly but i’m too apathetic in my semi sick state.

i realised i have a habit things almost subconsciously because i know ill appreciate them more at a later time. common examples include candy, small amounts of change, and pens.

the most fun i had this past week was in “styles” acting class. we were asked to put on a neutral mask, and re-create a scene from a movie; the purpose of which is to focus on the PHYSICAL side of acting. i re-created the back to the future scene in which marty mcfly plays some rock’n roll for his future parents. that was the most fun ive had this year…

not being able to breathe properly because of a cold isnt fun. i’ve taken no less than twelve billion capsules of sudafed which has yet to do any more than give me a stomach ache.



when you say the year as two thousand and ten, it sounds so much more sci-fi than twenty ten. strange. probably comes from the days of saying two thousand and one, a space odyssey (a book that was followed by two thousand and ten a little while later).

school starts tomorrow. i cant wait… for every person in school to go on and on about how their break was “SOOOOOOOOOOO good”. it’s already started on facebook. ask anyone how their holiday was, and it’ll be like a competition as to who had the most fun, and who did the most wild stuff. in actual fact, im sure most people would agree the holidays weren’t that awesome. but there’s something about this season, and something about the people around, that say they must compete in things even as how well they relax.

fucking tools.