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conscious of choice.

so… we’re studying the “alexander” technique. it’s pretty cool. basically it’s a technique whereby a person becomes completely aware of their personal habits, physical, and to a degree mental. so things like how you stand, the way you sit, the way you walk, all have your own mannerisms. now, not only can this impede you as an actor, it can also cause a lot of pain around your body as a result of unnecessary and improper use (neck pains and back pains anyone?). anyway, you can’t just get rid of these habits over night, it takes time. so the first step of being conscious that you’re doing things.

“why do i stand with weight on one foot?”
“why do i cross my legs when i sit?”
“do i walk at ease, or with tension through my back?”

you’re guaranteed to find so many things that you do subconsciously. but the point is that you have a choice. these aren’t natural things, they’re things we develop over time, and slowly stop to question, as it’s become habitual.

then i realised this applied to something else. i was going to say today was a shitty day. then focus on the negatives, etc. i didn’t have the strongest performance for dance, song, or my monologue that i thought i nailed… then i realised it’d be so much more useful to focus on the positives. i had that choice. so i did, and to be honest, it was like a lightswitch. i got huge praise for my posture and entrance. i led with great creativity in dance. i was the first to attempt the most difficult exercise in class, and for once, i was fearless and was given that wonderful actor note “pull it back” (whenever an actor does something for the first time 99/100 they will always be told – that was great… but can you give it a bit more; giving 110% always gives the director far more to work with).

so often it’s easy to dwell on the negative. but you’ve a choice. and im in FUCKING LA! WOO!

so cheer the fuck up. things aren’t so bad.




i gave myself a haircut today. needless to say i fucked it up. thankfully i have a hat. its not even like i needed one, i just got bored.

ate another six white castle burgers. dont tell mum.

busy as shit with acting school. will try and update properly over the weekend, but i have to say ive fully enjoyed everything ive been doing so far.

i got some praise for my voice. ill be singing “melisande” from “110 in the shade”.

i havent heard of it either.



sometimes, i dont feel as though ive really matured much. others would agree. perhaps relative to others my age… but i still know stupid teen shit when i see it. i cant be bothered typing it out properly, so heres the rant i gave ollie earlier.

Ross Le says:
tell you what though
last night
just realised how young thses kids are
trying to organise going out
theyre getting wasted
redknob says:
Ross Le says:
whinging and complaining
cant drive
redknob says:
Ross Le says:
this one is the mum
redknob says:
thought they hav eto be 21 to drink
Ross Le says:
doesnt want so and so to drive cuz shes drunk
cmon guys we have to help her
this ones pissed off her tits
passed out
do we need an ambulance
shes not breathing
no wait she is
redknob says:
Ross Le says:
i want to go out
we al want to go out
redknob says:
it’s a faggoty rite of passage
Ross Le says:
four hours later
we just go home
on the way
we decide to go to a fast food place
all sit down
no ones hungry
so we leave
but we have to wait for the other car
which dennys are you at
on santa monica
but i said the other one
theyre both on santa monica
should we wait
no never mind
no we have to wait
ready to neck myself by 10pm
one chick talking about how she fears cars cuz she was in an accident
oh woe is you fucker
the driver
scariest drive on the planet
cant stay in her fucking lane
before indicating for two seconds
crossing an entire freeway of traffic over four lanes
almost get split in half by a road divider
all the while turning back to the girl in the back saying “its ok, im a great driver, dont worry, OH HOLY FUCK WAS THAT A RACCOON???
redknob says:
Ross Le says:
puts on her windshield wipers instead of her indicator
gets the horn
redknob says:
sounds like you just got the final 15 pages of that story
Ross Le says:
yells out her window at THEM

ok i was in rant mode, SOME of the details may have been merged with other nights. but truly, there isn’t a lot of variation.

work to do.


the reverse engineering of my accent.

so im sitting with ms.bohanon, my ACTING I teacher. from her, i believe i will learn the most. she has a no nonsense attitude towards things, very strict, and there’s no doubt she knows her stuff. she challenges you, and keeps you on your feet. even after two lessons, i have come to respect her opinions and theories on acting. i had a little exchange with her today in class. anyone who knows me, knows i love al pacino (as all actors are seemingly obliged to say), but particularly his older work (though scent of a woman is my absolute favourite movie of all time).

ms.b: you all know al pacinos work right?
r: yes!
ms.b: did you like scarface?
r: yes!
ms.b: did you have any others you liked?
r: yes! dog day afternoon!
ms.b: yes! absolutely fantastic work! such a raw, character, so honest.
r: yes! totally! (by this stage i was completely engaged)
ms.b: his later work though, scent of a woman…
r: *ready to stand up* YES!
ms.b: i thought it was awful….

you bitch.

chris had a meeting the other day in the apartment. its weird to see him in business mode. im wishing him the best on his latest project, though with his talents, it’s tough to see anything but success.

so in speech class, ive started stripping away my accent. at least in parts. i never realised how tough it would be to ditch, but making a conscious effort not to talk like an australian is proving more difficult than anticipated. i did a monologue (death of a salesman) and found i was doing ok, but it slipped here and there. in my “section” alyssandro, victoria, ashley, liza and myself have the strongest accents. alex probably has the smoothest being italian. chicks dig it.

i should consider doing my chinese accent full time.



went out to an over 18 club the other night. other than the overpriced drinks, the average music, and the old men trying to hit on all my younger girl friends, the club wasn’t that bad. my dancing is awesome. though, my first move of smashing a girl’s drink out of her hand was less than impressive.

i bought a pound of grapes for a dollar.

school has been busy as hell. ive had camera techniques, alexander technique (which is effectively a body reset class, which allows you to bring yourself back to neutral away from your habits), acting I (with a demonic teacher who i feel will get the best out of me), voice, and vocal production. i have a 50 page assignment, a monologue for tomorrow, weekly script reports, three self assessments, and have to ready 60 seconds of song for next week. what to sing? i was thinking something from the bee gees to show my range.

somewhere in there, i managed to destroy another six sliders from white castle.


kicks at the post office, a great kickoff to aada, and me kicked off another bus…

its 141am so im tired. ill stay up to watch the football, and then crash. long day. but the shape of it is this…

morons at the post office took 55 minutes to serve 4 customers with 5 staff. do the math.

though i did jog there and back, so that fills my exercise quota for the month. then i attended my orientation today. now, while there was obligatory welcome speech (which in itself was designed to make you feel like you were special… like everyone else); most of the day was about socialising. and socialise i did. fuck. the amount of cool people i met was almost criminal. understood, the first meeting is always just going to be the persona people choose to front for you… but they seem cool enough. for my company.

oh, met matt lillard. cool guy. check his blog, he may mention that he spoke to me.

and i got onto another bus. with a five dollar note this time. no shit, same problem. come the fuck on. whatever.

im tired.


a quick word from one of my sponsors.

this entry is proudly brought to you by the good people at WHITE CASTLE – slowly poisoning me to death, one delicious, fatty, irresistible slider at a time.

current slider count after 7 days? 20.

(no im not shitting you)